Social Dog Walks


We only walk our dogs in small manageable groups (Maximum 5 dogs), this ensures we can remain in control and safe; It also means we can keep the travelling time with the dogs to a minimum. 


We are true believers that dogs should be allowed to be dogs, they enjoy the company of others and should be allowed to explore, run and play with their friends. 


We have a regular group of dogs, who are all friendly, sociable and sometimes very lively. 


These walks will be always be in a dog friendly environment and will last between 45 and 60 minutes (excluding travel time), for obvious reasons your dog will need to be friendly, sociable and well behaved to join in with this group. 


In return you will have a happy, tired dog who will be ready for a sleep on their return home. 


One to One walks


If you have a young dog, older dog, one that doesn't enjoy company, or just feel your dog requires one to one attention you may prefer a one to one walk. 


These will last around 30 minutes and will be in a safe and quiet location. 


Puppy or Dog visits


If you have a puppy who is being left for longer than you would like, we can pop in and feed them, let them out for a toilet break, take them for a short walk or just play with them in the garden. Plus we will clear up any mess that has been made. 


Or you may have an older dog that needs a toilet break or medication, but doesn't need walking. 


Puppy/Dog training 


If you have a dog or puppy who is lacking basic training, we can provide one to one assistance. 


Cat/Small animal care


Whether you are going on holiday or out of the house for long periods of time, we can provide your pet with the care and attention it needs within its familiar surroundings.


Services provided are feeding, watering and cleaning, all pets are considered including cats, rabbits, hamsters, chickens, fish etc.. 


House sitting


We offer house sitting for those of you who would like your cats, dogs or other animals looked after in the comfort of their own home.


Equestrian care / exercising


If you are away on holiday or just need occasional help, we can bring in, turn out, feed, rug, muck out etc. If you need your horse exercised, Jade has years of experience is confident and competent and has experience with backing youngsters. References are available